• Sucreepy : an Instagram account to follow if you like SFX makeup

    Sucreepy is a Spanish SFX makeup artist from Valladolid. If you have a look on her Instagram pics, you will be very surprised. It's not always simple to recognize her. She creates such different looks ! Some people like to hang around the streets, well, at, we like to hang ar... View Post
  • Phinaphin is Maleficent in her last Disney look

    Phinaphin decided to present a Disney series in October. And guess what ? Her last look is Maleficent character. The result is just A-MA-ZING. You absolutely have to see it. After Ariel, Esmeralda and Sally, Phinaphin alias Aphin on YouTube decided to create a makeup of Maleficent. With all these... View Post
  • Be a scary and pretty clown for Halloween thanks to Uliankaarty

    Uliankaarty likes to create amazing tutorials on her YouTube channel Ulianka's tutorials. Discover her last tuto called "Halloween makeup face painting" inspired by the horrormovie It. Uliankaarty makes part of the master in the art of makeup. She even participated at the NYX Face Awards United ... View Post