Autumn tutorial makeup with color lenses

Autumn tutorial makeup with color lenses

You probably noticed that we are in Autumn. And what better than to do an Autumn tutorial makeup with our Pink color lenses Lunatic Pink as Emilyjaynefx ?

Do you like Autumn ? The trees are all brown during this period and the weather is still quite good, even if Winter starts to be closer than Summer.

YouTubers like to inspire themselves from the different seasons. This year, the YouTuber Emilyjaynefx had a great idea. She creates an Autumn makeup with stroke rose. As you can notice, she wears pink color lenses Pink Lunatic from our website Enjoy her tutorial above.

Emilyjaynefx is also on Instagram. This is where we found her amazing makeup for the first time. Have a look to her creations, there are really incredible and full of imagination.

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