Why you absolutely have to have the Black Sclera Lenses 006

Why you absolutely have to have the Black Sclera Lenses 006

You like makeup and especially SFX makeup ? As a fan of makeup, you absolutely have to own the Black Sclera lenses 006. Lenses Color explains you why in this post and show you the best makeup with Black Sclera lenses.

Black Sclera Lenses are part of the panoply of the essential cosmetics products to own when you do SFX makeup.

Black easily matches with all the colors: blue, green, yellow, brown, gray. No matter which colors you choose for your makeup, you can wear black color lenses with them. Convenient, isn't it ?

You may have notice that Sclera lenses give a special result to your makeup with their diameter of 22.00mm. These lenses totally recover your eyes when you wear them. Add to Sclera lenses the color black and your black Sclera lenses will bring out your makeup !

Enjoy amazing makeup with black Sclera lenses

You are still hesitating to get this amazing black Sclera lenses ? Did you know that you can use them during one year, that is to say 12 amazing months in your life of amazing makeup. To maintain them, you just have to put them in a contact lenses case holder and to rince them with a saline solution before each utilisation and after each utilisation. Of course, when you don't wear your color lenses, make sure that your lenses are plunged into the saline solution. 

Have a look at these makeup and you will be totally convinced for sure !
All these makeup have been created for the famous contest organized by the brand NYX Cosmetics called the NYX Face Awards

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