Brightburn : the new slasher to go see

Brightburn : the new slasher to go see

After Child's Play, it's a new horror movie that you will love to watch : Brightburn. Synopsis, reasons to go see this film, red Lenses Manson Lenses from to embody Brandon, the main character... We tell you everything about this movie taken adapted from a comic book.

Synopsis of the movie Brightburn

Tori Breyer dreams of being a mother, but she has lost all hope of fulfilling her desire. It was then that a space capsule crashed in the middle of the night on the grounds of his Kansas farm. Tori and Kyle, her husband, decide to adopt Brandon, a little boy awake, talented and curious about everything. But growing up, the boy develops superhuman abilities and decides to attack those who torment him for many years. If Tori begins to have doubts about his son and his terrible intentions, Kyle defends his son body and soul against the city, which then sees in Brandon a terrible threat in this formidable predator. We invite you to discover the trailer of this film banned at least 12 years below.

Three reasons to go see Brightburn

1. What if on arrival on Earth, Clark Kent did not become Superman, but took a different turn in his life? In Brightburn, the traditional stories of parents without descendants who collect a child found in nature do not take the turn of a fairy tale. Brandon, the main character is not noble and heroic. On the contrary, he terrifies an entire city! "We preferred to wonder what would happen if things went the other way and that this child ended up being quite sinister," says Brian Gunn, who wrote the film.

2. Did you love John Carpenter's movie Halloween ? You'll get on well with Brightburn. Its director, David Yarovesky, was inspired by the Halloween slasher for his scary and iconic appearance of his evil superhero.

3. Brightburn : The Evil Child was produced by the excellent James Gunn, the director of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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