Child's play : Have you seen the new Chucky movie of horror ?

Child's play : Have you seen the new Chucky movie of horror ?

Fans of horror and horror movies are delighted with a new movie in the Chucky Saga : Child's play. Guaranteed chills.

In this eighth movie of the saga Chucky, Child's play, Karen, a single mother, offers her son Andy a doll, unaware of its bloodthirsty and violent nature. At Lenses Color, just by reading the pitch of this new movie horror, we start to feel some chills. And you ? Know that Chucky, Child's play : The evil doll is not a direct result of the Chuky saga. This new movie is a remake of the 1988 movie Kid's Game, the first installment of the long Chuky saga. We invite you to discover the trailer of Child's Play below.

A new doll with red eyes, easily incarnable with our Red Lenses Red Out Lenses Color

Exit the blue eyes of Chucky, in this new terrifying film, Chucky, the doll of Andy now has red eyes. We recommend red lenses Red Out from Lenses Color to best embody this evil doll looking like artificial intelligence. Yes, Chuky is no longer a mere toy but a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, just like the connected objects you know so well. David Katzenberg, the co-producer of Child's Play gives us a chill in the back saying these words: "When I saw the first child's game, I was fascinated by the idea that a toy - an object that all children have in their hands and worship - can turn so quickly against themselves It's frightening to think that an object that we enjoy every day for pleasure can potentially hurt us."

We advise you to check if your old dolls or those of your children are always in their usual place. We did not want to talk about it to avoid worrying but at Lenses Color we are a bit nervous. It seems that one of the dolls of the daughter of one of our colleagues left his house. We hope to find her before she puts her Machiavellian plans into action.