Be a scary and pretty clown for Halloween thanks to Uliankaarty

Uliankaarty likes to create amazing tutorials on her YouTube channel Ulianka's tutorials. Discover her last tuto called "Halloween makeup face painting" inspired by the horrormovie It.

Uliankaarty makes part of the master in the art of makeup. She even participated at the NYX Face Awards United Kingdom and at the NYX Face Awards Poland this year. If you are desperate for Halloween and still have no idea for your costume or your makeup, go on Ulianka's tutorials channel on YouTube.

Full of great ideas, she created a clown makeup with our black and yellow color lenses Black Wolf.

Makeup of a clown girlfriend with color lenses

Do you know how Uliankaarty was inspired ? She was inspired by the horror movie It. "I wanted my creature to be scary and pretty at the same time. So I decided to paint a girlfriend for a famous clown."

Have you already thought that a scary clown could have a girlfriend ? We really never think about this 😱. But everyone as the right to be in love and to share his life with someone.