Emilyjaynefx in an Halloween Mood

Emilyjaynefx in an Halloween Mood

Recently, we introduced to you Emilyjaynefx with her Autumn makeup. This time, you will discover a completely different makeup. This makeup is about Halloween.

Do you like pumpkins ? We are sure you do. If you like creating SFX makeup, you certainly already thought creating a pumpkin makeup. The pumpkin is the symbol of Halloween. Emily Jayne FX wears Baby Blue color lenses for this makeup.

It's unthinkable to spend an Halloween without any pumpkin. If you don't want to buy pumpkins for Halloween, do rather a pumpkin makeup. 

As you can see in her makeup, Emily Jayne FX uses a green wig, a crown of orange flowers, earrings and blue color lenses Baby Blue. If you prefer another color, you can enjoy more than 300 different crazy lenses on our website. You just need these fours accessories to produce such a makeup. Of course, you need orange makeup, black makeup and white makeup. The last ingredient of your success is the patience of course.

A YouTube channel and an Instagram full of SFX makeups

If you like this makeups, we advise you to follow Emily Jayne FX on her YouTube channel. You will discover totally different tutorials.

You can also follow her on her Instagram account : emilyjaynefx. She is very popular on this Social Media. She has 27 600 subscribers and we understand why in view of her amazing makeup and her talent.

Discover Emilyjaynefx's makeup on Autumn theme.