Enjoy the last makeup of Mnogo.creativa

Enjoy the last makeup of Mnogo.creativa

As a lot of SFX makeup artist, Mnogo.creativa likes to create makeups. All these makeup are very interesting and different. Discover with us her last makeup.

First makeup : Black Out color lenses.

In this video of Mnogo.creativa, you will discover a makeup called "Bloody Mary". In this tutorial video, Mnogo.creativa wears black color lenses Black Out. Don't be surprised, she also wears a red wig. She used red makeup to paint her own neck, who really likes bloody by the way 😲.

You can also enjoy the pic of this makeup on Instagram.

Second makeup : Red and black color lenses SHL3.

original makeup with sharingan color lenses

This makeup if a collab between Mnogo.creativa and IIonakastar_nova on Instagram. If you watch the video of this makeup on Mnogo.creativa profile, you will discover that the pink jacket and the marshmallow have been added by photo retouch. Amazing for the jacket, isn't it ? We really couldn't guess the jacket wasn't really on Mnogo.creativa's shoulders.

Did you guess the color lenses worn by our artist makeup on this makeup ? The red and black color lenses SH Sharingan ! Yes.