Order your color lenses and crazy lenses in French on Fashion Lentilles

Order your color lenses and crazy lenses in French on Fashion Lentilles

You are not comfortable to order your color lenses in English on our website www.lenses-color.com ? You prefer French ? Lucky you, get your color lenses at home thanks to our website Fashion Lentilles.

As you may know, www.lenses-color.com is a English website made by French. Yes ! By French People from the South of France. Have you ever heard about the « Côte d’Azur » ? This is where our office and Fashion Lentilles are.

Fashion Lentilles is a French website of crazy lenses and natural color lenses. If you prefer to order your color lenses in French because you are fluent in this language, you will enjoy our website of color lenses Fashion Lentilles and crazy lenses Fashion Lentilles.

Fashion Lentilles : the reference of crazy lenses and natural lenses in France

www.fashionlentilles.com has not less than 300 references of original crazy lenses and natural color lenses.

Zombie, demon, vampire… Play the character of your choice with the Fashion Lentilles crazy lenses. This website also offers cat eye lenses of different colors (green, pink, purple…).

Get Big Eyes lenses or Circle Lenses

Are you attracted by the Japanese and Korean culture? Big Eyes lenses and Circle lenses should definitively be for you! With their diameter of 15.00 mm, these crazy lenses will widen your look and give you doll eyes.

Fashion Lenses has thought of fans of makeup and cosplay events with Mini Sclera lenses and Sclera lenses. The diameters of these crazy lenses? Count 17.00 mm for the Mini Sclera and 22.00 for the Sclera! You can also scare your friends at Halloween or during your fancy dress parties with these crazy lenses.

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