Freddy Kruegger : Become the nightmare of Elm Street with Mini Sclera

Embodies the serial killer Jason Voorhes with our Black Mini Sclera Lenses

"One-two... Freddy will cut you in half.
Three-four... Go home four to four.
Five-six... Do not forget your crucify.
Seven-eight... Especially do not sleep at night anymore.
Nine-ten... He's hidden under your bed... "

Play as famous serial killer Freddy Krueger, created by Wes Craven, from the horror series A Nightmare on Elm Street.

You are disfigured by the flames, wear a brown hat and an old red and black striped sweater. You announce your presence by squeaking your razor blades, attached to your glove, against the metal walls. Your sadistic tendencies cause you to commit bloody murders, haunting the nightmares of your victims.

Complete your Freddy Krueger Cosplay with the 17 mm Mini Sclera White and Black Freddy lenses for a quirky and original look, and scare your friends at costumed events, Halloween or your favorite convention.

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