Discover Gabi.yte's makeup for Halloween

Discover Gabi.yte's makeup with natural brown color lenses for Halloween

Hi guys,

Today we would like to show you a very simple makeup. It could be easily reproduced. This makeup has been made by She is a very young makeup artist. It's just her beginning and she has so much potential.

In her video, Gabi wears natural our Soft Brown color lenses. Yes ! Crazy lenses are not always necessary to create a great Halloween makeup, you can use natural color lenses. It all depends of the effect you want to give to your makeup.

Watch Gabi's Halloween makeup with our brown color lenses

Gabi already have more than 1500 subscribers on her Instagram. We encourage you to follow her. 

She also a Youtube channel called Kika. Gabi alias Kika on Youtube already told us that she will published new makeups in the next few days.

soft brown color lenses 

See you next time for the next makeup.