Have you seen Scary Stories ?

Have you seen Scary Stories ?

Do you want to scare yourself before school starts? We advise you to go see the horror movie Scary Stories in the dark rooms.

Scary Stories is the adaptation of Alvin Schwartz's series Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. What is the pitch of this film that all teens will snatch before the resumption of classes next Monday?
In an abandoned mansion, a group of young people find a book telling terrifying stories. But this find is not inconsequential! Reading this book allows each story to come alive through their terrible creatures! A wave of atrocious deaths is falling on the city. To stop him, everyone will face his worst fears.

What is the most terrible creature in Scary Stories?

Do not worry, this information will not spoil you in any way, quite the opposite! She will especially give you ideas for a future sfx makeup and will allow you to appreciate Troy James' contortionist talents. Yes, to animate the Jangly Man, the most terrifying creatures of Scary Stories, the film crew has called on a contortionist. Best of all, Troy James is a big fan of the Scary Stories saga, as he reads Alvin Schwartz's younger books.

Wear UV White lenses or blue crazy lenses for your makeup

You may have noticed, the eyes of Jangly Man are particular or even familiar... But yes, it is because it is the blue lenses Baby Blue. UV White lenses can also very well scare teenagers into a mansion.

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