NYX Face Awards Italy 2019 : Goldf wears our Blue Big Eyes lenses

NYX Face Awards Italy 2019 : Goldf wears our Blue Big Eyes lenses

Discover Goldf makeup for the Free Challenge of the NYX Face Awards Italy. The YouTuberess wears our Yellow UV lenses on her video.

Every year, a lot of YouTubers and Instagrammers participate at the NYX Face Awards, the most famous SFX makeup contest organized by the famous brand NYX Cosmetics. Did you know that this competition was organized in dozens of countries ? 

For her video of the NYX Face Awards, Goldf decided to wear Yellow UV lenses from our website www.lenses-color.com. Do you know the features of this Yellow UV lenses ? UV lenses shine in the dark thanks to the phosphorescent light. The best moment to wear these color lenses is during parties at nightclubs or during music festivals or for makeup SFX with a special light.

Enjoy this makeup with Big Eyes lenses

Discover Goldf creation for the NYX Face Awards Italy on her video below. This makeup is called : "The old me." 

Goldf explanations about her makeup for the NYX Face Awards Italy :

"When I decided to participate in #NYXFACEAWARDSITALY in 2019, my mind was invaded by a thousand inspirations, colors and glitter. So many ideas for the look that I could not decide... So I decided to take a step back and approach this competition trying to fight one of my biggest fears : to get old. The idea of ​​aging makes me suffer. The heart beats faster and the spirit goes a little too far. Time seems to be accelerating and anxiety is increasing. See the face change, the body slow down and the spirit out, it worries me, makes me nervous ... But I heard that the best way to overcome a fear is to to face, is not it ?! My look was inspired by the iconic @Age of Aquaria, using @TheAlexisStone's metamorphosis and light / darkness techniques. In creating this look, I learned that beauty does not fade if it comes from within and.... I am also a 70 year old girl! I hope you like it!"

At Lenses Color, we are very impressed by Goldf transformation with this makeup. We are also very touched by the explanation of her makeup. Instead of continuing being afraid of the old age, she tried to face it. We don't know if we could have done the same. In any case, we really like makeup with deep meaning.

What do you think of Goldf makeup ? Let us know on Lenses Color Instagram. You can also discover a lot of amazing SFX makeup for the NYX Face Awards 2019 with our crazy lenses on our Instagram.

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