NYX Face Awards Italy 2019 : Im_a_Diamond wears our Yellow UV lenses

NYX Face Awards Italy 2019 : Im_a_Diamond wears our Yellow UV lenses

Discover Im_a_Diamond makeup for the Free Challenge of the NYX Face Awards Italy. The YouTuberess wears our Yellow UV lenses on her video.

Every year, a lot of YouTubers and Instagrammers participate at the NYX Face Awards, the most famous SFX makeup contest organized by the famous brand NYX Cosmetics. Did you know that this competition was organized in dozens of countries ? 

Enjoy this makeup with our yellow UV Color Lenses

For her video of the NYX Face Awards, Im_a_Diamond decided to wear Yellow UV lenses from our website www.lenses-color.com. Do you know the features of this Yellow Uv lenses ? UV lenses shine in the dark thanks to the phosphorescent light. The best moment to wear these color lenses is during parties at nightclubs or during music festivals or for makeup SFX with a special light.

Discover Im_a_Diamond creation for the NYX Face Awards Italy on her video below.

The first thing we thought when we watched her video is : "Wow, Im_a_Diamond really likes flowers. And her flowers are wonderful !". We really liked her makeup, the different tones of her eye makeup (yellow and green), the touch of brilliant green lipstick is a great idea, that goes very well with her dress and her eyes. Im_a_Diamond even thought to add eyelashes to her eyes to accentuate her look.

Did you know that besides being good at makeup, Im_a_Diamond is also a great artist, she drew herself the flowers that you can see on her chicks thanks to an interesting technique. She used a stencil to make the flowers on her face and on her neck. Then she used a paintbrush for the details. The Yellow UV lenses are perfect to put the finishing touches to her makeup.

As for the presentation of the makeup when it's done, it's a great idea to present it outside, on the country, because flowers like to live their plant life outside.

We like this SFX makeup for all its details. This makeup requests a lot of patience and above all a lot of talent. Im_a_Diamond thought of everything. Even the video edit is great !

What do you think of Im_a_Diamond makeup ? Let us know on Lenses Color Instagram. You can also discover a lot of amazing SFX makeup for the NYX Face Awards 2019 with our crazy lenses on our Instagram.

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Follow Im_a_Diamond on her Youtube channel and on her Instagram : Imadiamo.

PS : Im_a_Diamond chose this pseudonym because she loves diamonds. She even says on her Instagram bio : "Diamants are the best friends of a woman".