NYX Face Awards Italy 2019 : Marika Piscedda wears our Black Sclera lenses

NYX Face Awards Italy 2019 : Marika Piscedda wears our Black Sclera lenses

Discover Marika Piscedda makeup SFX for the Free Challenge of the NYX Face Awards Italy 2019. The YouTuberess wears our black Sclera lenses from our website Lenses Color on her video.

Every year, a lot of YouTubers and Instagrammers participate to the NYX Face Awards, the most famous SFX makeup contest organized by the famous brand NYX Cosmetics. Did you know that this competition was organized in dozens of countries ? 

Enjoy this amazing SFX makeup with black Sclera lenses and yellow color lenses

Marika Piscedda participates to the NYX Face Awards Italy. This artist decided to wear black Sclera Lenses 006. Do you know the features of the Sclera lenses ? Sclera lenses have a diameter of 22.00 mm while usual crazy lenses have a diameter of 14.50 mm.

You can get the same yellow lenses than her with our yellow lenses Yellow Out from our website www.lenses-color.com.

Discover the amazing video of Marika Piscedda below.

What do you think of Marika Piscedda performance called "Eclipse" ? At www.lenses-color.com, we really like her makeup and we are really impressed by Marika Piscedda techniques and creativity. Indeed, she created a double makeup representing in one hand the moon and in the other hand the sun. For that, she painted her entire face. And have you seen her chest ? She didn't content herself with a facial makeup, she also painted her chest and the result is really cool and bright thanks.

Marika Piscedda : "I worked a lot for this project which lasts for months and I am excited. the crown has been created by me. Makeup is my great passion".

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