NYX Face Awards Poland 2019 : Ulianka's tutorials wears our Black and White Sclera Lenses

NYX Face Awards Italy 2019 : Im_a_Diamond wears our Yellow UV lenses

Discover Ulianka's tutorials makeup SFX for the Free Challenge of the NYX Face Awards Poland 2019. The YouTuberess wears our black and white Sclera lenses 007 from our website Lenses Color on her video.

Every year, a lot of YouTubers and Instagrammers participate to the NYX Face Awards, the most famous SFX makeup contest organized by the famous brand NYX Cosmetics. Did you know that this competition was organized in dozens of countries ? 

As a lover of facepainting, bodypainting and SFX makeup, Ulianka's tutorials participates to the NYX Face Awards Poland and United Kingdom. For her entry to the NYX Face Awards Poland (living in the UK, she is Polish), this artist decided to wear Black and White Sclera Lenses 007 from our website www.lenses-color.com. Sclera lenses have a diameter of 22.00 mm while usual crazy lenses have a diameter of 14.50 mm.

Enjoy a SFX makeup with Mini Sclera lenses

Discover the amazing video of Ulianka's tutorials below. This face painting was inspired by piano music.This is one of our favorite SFX makeup during this NYX Face Awards. We really have a lot of hope for this artist to go very far in this makeup contest.

Without a doubt, the best moment of Ulianka's tutorials video is at 10:50 when her makeup is over. She realized an amazing video editing (we wish to have the same talents than her at www.lenses-color.com, as much for the makeup and as much for the video editing).

What do you think of Ulianka's turorials performance ? Let us know on Lenses Color Instagram. You can also discover a lot of amazing SFX makeup for the NYX Face Awards 2019 with our crazy lenses on our Instagram.

Discover Ulianka's tutorial performance for the NYX Face Awards Poland.

best sfx makeup with color lenses

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