NYX Face Awards Russia 2019 : Kirill Serebryakov wears our Black and Orange Sclera Shadowcat

NYX Face Awards UK 2019 : Dimplybean wears our Pink Galaxy lenses

Discover Kirill Serebryakov makeup SFX for the Free Challenge of the NYX Face Awards Russia 2019. The YouTuber wears our black and orange Sclera lenses Shadowcat on his video.

Every year, a lot of YouTubers and Instagrammers participate to the NYX Face Awards, the most famous SFX makeup contest organized by the famous brand NYX Cosmetics. Did you know that this competition was organized in dozens of countries ? 

Enjoy this makeup with Sclera lenses

For his video to the NYX Face Awards Kirill Serebryakov decided to wear Black and Orange Sclera Shadowcat from our website www.lenses-color.com. Do you know the features of the Sclera lenses ? The Sclera lenses have a diameter of 22.00 mm while usual crazy lenses have a diameter of 14.50 mm.

Before explaining his makeup, Kirill Serebryako had an important message to tell to everyone will read his words :

"This year I decided to participate to the NYX Face Awards competition.
I want to tell you that it is not necessary to have cool cameras. Each of us has an imagination! So turn it on in your head and do it with the help of the items you have on hand.
The following things came in handy to me : Phone, tripod, paper and the application on which I assembled it al! And of course the text that came out of my fantasies in my head.
What I want to say by this, do not be afraid to start now! Then it will be too late to look back. Be yourself, do what you like!.
Do not be afraid to lose and never come back, if you can’t do something again! Of course I say banal things, but true!"

We hope these words will inspired you. 

Then, the creative Kirill Serebryako explains his makeup :

"As for the images, the name Demonika was taken from the fashion game Skyrim. Her demon nature is the same. But the name Aridel was taken from the well-known movie well or a series of gnig. The Lord of the Rings 😁. True there she was an elf and here she became a princess owning the magic of good and regret."

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