NYX Face Awards 2019 are coming ! By the way, who won the last edition ?

NYX Face Awards 2019 are coming ! By the way, who won the last edition ?

Have you ever heard about the NYX Face Awards (Freedom & Artistry for Creative Expression ?

Held by the brand NYX Professional Makeup, this competition is open to everyone and will start this year in June 2019. Every year, hundred of thousand fans of makeups are part of this unique contest makeup. Only one participant will be designated as the talent of the year. Discover the last winner of NYX Face Awards.

Created by the brand of cosmetics NYX Professional Makeup, NYX Face Awards are eagerly awaited by all the fans of makeups and especially science fiction makeups. Indeed, the principle of this contest is simple. To participate, just film yourself by making your SFX makeup. Internet users must see before and after in your video. Then post your video on YouTube and register on the website of the event. First, participants compete against each other in their own country in different steps. Then, NYX Professional Makeup chose the best makeup on each country and winners of each country are invited to Los Angeles for the big final. Rewards, several thousand euros to win and many products of the brand NYX Face Awards. This competition will start in June 2019, we will tell you all the details when the time comes.

Who won the NYX Face Awards 2018 ? 

Rachel (Rachel_maksy on Instagram) alias The Pinup Companion was elected the artist of the year 2018. Fascinated by making stories since grade school, this American girl from New England taught herself all she could about film making, costuming and makeup. She really likes to transform herself into a different person thanks to makeup. On the official website of the competition, she said : « There is something magical about taking a made-up story in your head, and sharing it with the world, and I am so grateful that I got to do that in this competition, I’ve had the time of my life ! ».

The Experiment  - The Power of Makeup Challenge

Antique Automaton Tutorial - Machinist

Joan of Arc – Molten Phoenix Tutorial

As you can see above on Rachel’s videos, Rachel takes care of the presentation of her videos. She gives importance to staging. If you want to participate in the NYX Awards, think of being original in your videos. This little extra will separate you from candidates having the same level as you. You can also wear color lenses and crazy lenses to best embodies your character.