Order the best brands of color lenses on Mycolorlenses

Order the best brands of color lenses on Mycolorlenses

If you are reading this post, you are probably a fan of crazy lenses and natural color lenses. Indeed, color lenses are a very cool accessory, you can wear them at many occasions : for your parties, your Cosplay events, to complete your disguise, for your makeup or even dailies on condition that to wear natural color lenses of course.

Now that you are used to wear color lenses, you are maybe looking for color lenses with prescription or for the best brands of color lenses.

Wear all the best brands of natural color lenses on Mycolorlenses

www.mycolorlenses.com is a specialized website of color lenses. You can find on this website natural color lenses with prescription. Indeed, a lot of brands are offered with prescription like Adore, Air Optix Colors, Bella, Dahab, Desio, Freshlook, Obsession Paris, Solotica, Soleko. Thus, you can correct your myopia or your farsightedness with spheric color lenses with prescription or your astigmatism with toric color lenses. They even are multifocal color lenses on My Color Lenses.

You can also wear ColorVue lenses, Core lenses, Freshlook lenses. These color lenses are only available without prescription.

Solotica lenses, the most popular color lenses 

Without a doubt, the most popular color lenses are Solotica. Created in 1949 in Sao Paolo in Brazil, the brand Solotica is well-know around the world for her natural color lenses. They are also very renowned because they are very comfortable. 

Enjoy the three last models of Solotica Hidrocor : Solotica Hidrocor Aquamarine (blue lenses), Solotica Hidrocor Jade (green lenses) and Solotica Hidrocor Safira (blue lenses).

Be sensual with Desio lenses

Made in Italy, Desio lenses are very liked by people who wear color lenses for their natural color lenses. Desio offers six different collections to her fans : 

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