Phinaphin is Maleficent in her last Disney look

Phinaphin is Maleficent in her last Disney look

Phinaphin decided to present a Disney series in October. And guess what ? Her last look is Maleficent character. The result is just A-MA-ZING. You absolutely have to see it.

After Ariel, Esmeralda and Sally, Phinaphin alias Aphin on YouTube decided to create a makeup of Maleficent. With all these Disney characters, she would have created some characters with really different look and features. Indeed, Ariel is sweet, Esmeralda is sexy, Sally is Spooky and Maleficent is nothing else than scary.

As you probably know, Angelina Jolie plays the part of Maleficent in the movies Maleficent and Maleficent : Mistress of Evil Showtimes. To do this makeup, Phinaphin used a facial wax to create the high cheekbones."This is still very tricky for me and I needed to touch the final photo to be smoother" specified Phinaphin on her Instagram.

Enjoy this makeup of Maleficent with our natural color lenses

We are really impressed by this tutorial makeup. The resemblance between Phinaphin and Angelina Jolie dressed up in Maleficent is close to 100%.