French makeup artist Polyfrenzy in an Aquatic mood

French makeup artist Polyfrenzy in an Aquatic mood

Polyfrenzy is a French makeup artist from Marseille. She likes to creates new makeup.

There are a lot of artist makeups on the Social Media, especially on Instagram. Have you ever seen Polyfrenzy's profile ? On her last pic, she created an aquatic makeup. We don't know for you, but the name of the makeup make us think about the aquatic Pokemon like Aquali and Leviator (yeah, we are so years 2000 😉, it's our generation and Pokemon can be so inspiring for artists makeup).

blue makeup with blue color lenses very natural

In this aquatic makeup, Polyfrenzy wears our Natural Dream Ice Blue color lenses. These blue lenses have a diameter of 14.00 mm and a black contour, which is quite light. They are very comfortable and easy to wear. The result of these Natural Dream Ice Blue lenses on her is really amazing. The blue is so intense, you definitely have to see the result on her eyes. 

Enjoy this aquatic makeup with our blue natural color lenses

In addition to having creating a nice makeup, Polyfrenzy had the great idea to create a face chart as @milk1422 on Instagram. @milk1422 defined herself as a face chart artist. All her makeup are accompanied by a face chart art of the makeup in question.

Discover Polyfrenzy's face chart below :

face chart makeup