Embodies the characters of Resident Evil with our red color lenses

Embodies the characters of Resident Evil with our red color lenses

The Umbrella Corporation is developing a virus that makes creatures more bullet resistant, smarter and more enduring. But, following an incident, the virus escapes from the walls of the manor and you are infected!

Transform into a zombie of Raccoon City by putting on your best Resident Evil coat! Sow terror among locals and at your favorite dress-up convention wearing our Resident Evil Red lenses. Your eyes will be bloodshot, surrounded by a black circle to thrill the strongest souls, contaminated by a biological weapon, mortally transmissible. Even Alice would not know how to stop you! So who will be your first victim?

Crazy lenses and color lenses from www.lenses-color.com 

Our lenses are recognized all around the world. Crazy lenses are ideal for completing your costumes and magnifying your look to look like your favorite characters.

Of course, our color lenses are stabilized, which do not turn in the eye. Their are very comfortable and have unique colors.

Our color lenses and crazy lenses are without correction. Our color lenses comply with CE and ISO standards, guaranteeing your comfort and pleasure.

More than 300 different models of color lenses available on www.lenses-color.com.

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