Some Halloween disguises that you can do yourself

Some Halloween disguises that you can do yourself

What ?! You still have no idea for your Halloween costume? The great new is we gonna help you to spend an amazing Halloween. Here are some costume ideas for Halloween that you can do at home and even with your family!

How to disguise in Cruella de Vil ?

Play as the villain of the 101 Dalmatians, who wants at all costs the fur of the little puppies!

You'll need :
- A comb,
- A bomb of coloring for white hair,
- A bomb of coloring for black hair,
- rubber gloves,
- Red paint,
- A black dress,
- A white coat,

Step 1: Draw a line in the middle of the hair and crepe them up and down with a comb. Then, color one half of your hair with the white bomb and the other with a black bomb,
Step 2: With red paint, you will dye your rubber household gloves,
Step 3: For makeup, insist on red lipstick and black mascara!

The little extra: Buy a cigarette holder to accessorize your outfit!

Carolribasmakeup likes to create original makeups on Instagram. And guess what ? She did a makeup of Cruela de Vil for the NYX Face Awards Switzerland in 2019. Discover her makeup and her video on our article. Do as Carolribasmakeup and wear our Zombie Manson color lenses for your Cruela de Vil disguise.

How to make a werewolf disguise?

The werewolf disguise is just a MUST for Halloween! It is suitable for both adults and children!

You'll need :
- A black hoodie,
- 3 sheets of Canson paper (or cardboard),
- A white glue,
- A pair of scissors,
- A stapler,

Step 1: On the Canson paper (or cardboard) draw two legs, a muzzle, two ears, eyelids, eyes separately. It is better to choose different colors depending on the parts of the werewolf's head, you can use paint or foam. (For example: put white foam on the eyes and legs, gray foam for the eyelids and ears).

Step 2: Once the elements are drawn and painted, they must be cut carefully.

Step 3: The last step is to staple on the hood the elements cut in the previous step. We advise you to begin to staple the muzzle then to go up to the ears.

We advise you to wear our blue color lenses Wolf or our color lenses Red Wolf or our Black Wolf lenses to embody your wolf character at Halloween.

How made a russian doll disguise?

One thing is certain, there will not be two like you!
You'll need :
- A plain dress,
- A scarf,
- An apron,
- Make-up,

For makeup, make beautiful circles on your pink cheekbones and a pretty heart in the middle of the mouth!

For this disguise, the best lenses to wear are the Big Eyes lenses and the Circle lenses. These lenses have been made specially for people who want to have the same look than dolls. On, we have a lot of different color available : violet, green, blue, gray, chocolate, green, black, brown... Enjoy our color lenses doll's eyes.

How to make a mummy disguise yourself?

This costume is probably the easiest to do!

You'll need :
- A white sheet,
- Tea bags,

Step 1: Cut a white sheet into several strips of 10 cm in length,
Step 2: For a messy and dirty effect, heat 3 liters of water in a large saucepan and immerse the strips with 2 tea bags,
Step 3: After having thoroughly dried the pieces of tissue, we stick them on a t-shirt and leggings with glue!

For a more gore effect: Add fake blood on the strips!

You only have two possibilities for your disguise mummy. Either you wear New White color lenses, either you wear White Out color lenses. Guaranteed effect !

How to make a disguise of unicorn?

Halloween is not necessarily dressed in black and orange! You can also opt for a bloody unicorn disguise!

You'll need :
- rigid paper,
- Scotch tape,
- Bomb to color the hair,
- Glitter,

Step 1: For the horn, cut out the shape of a large triangle with a rounded tip on a fairly stiff sheet of paper (the color you prefer). Then, roll the triangle from one point to another to get a cone, before sticking one end with an adhesive tape. For the gore side, you can add fake blood on the horn and add scars to the markers!
Step 2: For hair, you have 2 solutions, either buy a wig or color your hair with the help of coloring bombs for the occasion!
Step 3: For the dress, use an old white dress and dirty it with fake blood!
Step 4: For the makeup, give free rein to your imagination (and add a lot of fake blood!)

Which lenses can you wear for a unicorn disguise or a unicorn makeup ? We advise you to wear our Pink Out color lenses or our Purple Out color lenses. You will be a unicorn so glamorous !