Embodies Star Wars characters with our color lenses

Embodies Star Wars characters with our color lenses

May the force be with you !

Are you trying to move the objects by the thought, sitting at your desk at night in your room? Do you brandish the bright lightsaber of your little cousin? You have the soul of a Jedi! Transform yourself into your favorite character from the famous Star Wars sci-fi series at your favorite convention.

You Yoda are a fan of? Play as the powerful Yoda master with our Big Eyes Green color lenses or our Green Circle lenses.

You feel good in the skin of alien of all kinds? Fall for our black Sclera lenses that will fully cover your eyes for a dark and shiny look. The Sclera color lenses measure 22 mm. Impressive, isn't it ?

Darkness runs through your veins and you like double swords? Step into the skin of the Darth Maul with our Darth Maul color lenses.

You have a hoarse voice and shout to anyone who will listen that you are their father? Put on your armor and reveal under your Darth Vader's helmet your rancorous eyes with our our black Darth Vader Sclera lenses.

Which camp will you choose?

Color lenses from www.lenses-color.com 

Our lenses are recognized all around the world. Crazy lenses are ideal for completing your costumes and magnifying your look to look like your favorite characters.

Of course, our color lenses are stabilized, which do not turn in the eye. Their are very comfortable and have unique colors.

Our color lenses and crazy lenses are without correction. Our color lenses comply with CE and ISO standards, guaranteeing your comfort and pleasure.

More than 300 different models of color lenses available on www.lenses-color.com.

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