Sucreepy : an Instagram account to follow if you like SFX makeup

Sucreepy is a Spanish SFX makeup artist from Valladolid. If you have a look on her Instagram pics, you will be very surprised. It's not always simple to recognize her. She creates such different looks !

Some people like to hang around the streets, well, at, we like to hang around the Instagram of the SFX makeup artist 😁. Sucreepy is one of the artist makeup we follow with such a great pleasure. She is very creative.

First, as its Halloween tomorrow, we would like to introduce to you this Halloween makeup made by Sucreepy. In this Halloween makeup, she wears red and orange Red Wolf color lenses. She also created an pumpkin earring. You can easily do this earring yourself.

halloween makeup with color lenses

A cat makeup with white color lenses

Sucreepy also likes to publish her makeup on TiklTok. She recently did a tutorial video on her TikTok account. We wanted to share this video with you. In this short video, you can discover a beautiful and original cat wearing White Cat lenses. Also enjoy the video editing !