2019 movies

  • Have you seen Scary Stories ?

    Do you want to scare yourself before school starts? We advise you to go see the horror movie Scary Stories in the dark rooms. Scary Stories is the adaptation of Alvin Schwartz's series Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. What is the pitch of this film that all teens will snatch before the resumpti... View Post
  • Chucky : Do you want to play with me ?

    Play as Charles Lee Ray, through the Chucky Doll, the bloodthirsty serial killer of the famous horror movie series. Back in June 2019 in theaters, this is the ideal character for your Halloween costume or carnival! Step into the skin of the Chucky red doll and scare your friends with our crazy le... View Post
  • Be your favorite character of X-Men movie with our color lenses

    A mysterious cosmic force struck you? Did you participate in an experience that went wrong? You end up with strange powers? Use your new talents to fight evil and join Professor Xavier and the X-men in crazy adventures! Maybe you will choose the opposing side? Enter the world of Marvel and join ... View Post