movie makeup

  • Embodies Star Wars characters with our color lenses

    May the force be with you ! Are you trying to move the objects by the thought, sitting at your desk at night in your room? Do you brandish the bright lightsaber of your little cousin? You have the soul of a Jedi! Transform yourself into your favorite character from the famous Star Wars sci-fi ser... View Post
  • Embodies the characters of Resident Evil with our red color lenses

    The Umbrella Corporation is developing a virus that makes creatures more bullet resistant, smarter and more enduring. But, following an incident, the virus escapes from the walls of the manor and you are infected! Transform into a zombie of Raccoon City by putting on your best Resident Evil coat!... View Post
  • Embodies the Grinch with our green color lenses

    Do you hate Christmas and your green fur scares children? Do you like playing hermits at the top of a snowy mountain? Step into the skin of the furry and green bogeyman, with an elastic smile to the ears, perfectly embodying the Grinch character. Compete with Jim Carrey and throw big snowballs to... View Post