Embodies Teen Wolf's characters with our color lenses

Embodies Teen Wolf's characters with our color lenses

Are you a young sports student? You were bitten by a big wild beast during a trip in the woods? So you are a werewolf!

Protect your family and friends and learn how to manage your new werewolf situation with our original color lenses.

Play as Scott McCall's character from the famous Teen Wolf series and discover more about your werewolf status during your adventures with our crazy lenses.

Complete your Teen Wolf Cosplay with our color lenses that will make you look like a real wolf man!

Fall for the blue and black Wolf lenses for a sweet and wild look at a time.

Opt for an intense look, which hides the animal that lies dormant in you, with the Red Wolf color lenses or Black and Yellow Wolf color lenses.

Turn yourself into a werewolf in the minute with our animals color lenses, with an impressive orange hue.

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Our lenses are recognized all around the world. Crazy lenses are ideal for completing your costumes and magnifying your look to look like your favorite characters.

Of course, our color lenses are stabilized, which do not turn in the eye. Their are very comfortable and have unique colors.

Our color lenses and crazy lenses are without correction. Our color lenses comply with CE and ISO standards, guaranteeing your comfort and pleasure.

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