The origins of Cosplay

The origins of Cosplay

What is Cosplay ? Where does this fashion come from ? We explain everything to you in this post. Thus, you will become unbeatable about Cosplay !

First, we will explain the origin of the word. Do not worry, we are not in an English class ! We are even much cooler than an English teacher :). Then, we will tell you how works Cosplay in Japan, United States and Europe. 

"Cosplay" is a word of English origin, it is formed of "costume" and "playing" and therefore means "practicing disguise". Indeed, Cosplay consists of disguising oneself and playing the role of character of video games, mangas, books but also of singers, actors... The goal is to look as much as possible to people, both in the physical : hairstyle, clothing, accessories, eyes... (you can have a look at our crazy lenses, perfect for Cosplay) ;  than in the attitude (expressions, poses, behaviors...).

Very widespread in Japan, it is in the United States that this practice was born! It was created in the 80s at the release of Star Wars and Star Trek! It's the fans who, for the premieres of the movies, reproduce the costumes and make-up of their favorite heroes! It was only in the 90s that Cosplay appeared in Japan.

Now, we invite you to discover the different practices of Cosplay in the world!

The main idea around the world remains the same: There is no rule for Cosplay, everyone can cosplay, from the smallest to the biggest there is no limit!

Cosplay in Japan

In Japan, Cosplay is literally a way of life! It is very common to cross in the streets of Tokyo, especially the weekend on the side of Harajuku or Shinjuku, people disguised as Naruto, Ichigo, Sakura or Sangoku! Cosplayers usually choose to embody their favorite character provided that this character looks like a minimum (size, build, facial features ...) for the effect to be successful! The image of the cosplayer is very important and is especially taken in the first degree, he must embody his character with discernment, accuracy and objectivity! Yes, do not proclaim cosplayers who wants!

The Cosplay in USA

In the USA, cosplayers prefer to turn to the creation of original costumes. There are even competitions where the cosplayers must make a stage performance according to the characteristics of their character (singing, dancing, taking karate, transformation ...).

Cosplay in Europe

Mainly in France, Italy and Germany, Cosplay has a theatrical dimension! The quality of the costumes is very much sought after and the incarnation of the character too. That's why during Conventions you can see mimes of fights or scenes of cult movies ... Most cosplayers make a point of honor to create their costumes themselves (including jewelry, weapons ...). And to wear it only once, it is very bad to show up in competitions with a suit already shown in a previous competition!

There are several Coslay Conventions that bring together all the big names in Cosplay ... First, there's the World Cosplay Summit (which is THE biggest contest in the world) taking place in Japan. This Convention rewards cultural and social exchange through pop and Japanese culture! Group participation is mandatory! 

There is also big Conventions in France like the Japan Expo, which is held every first weekend of July at the Parc des Expositions in Paris. It is devoted to manga culture, video games, fashion, martial arts, Japanese traditions ... Competitions in groups or individuals are organized. The participants have to perform in front of thousands of people (OMG! Perso on could not lol). Finally, if you are on vacation during the Japan Expo, you can catch up with the Chibi Japan Expo which usually takes place in late October or early November in Paris.

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