Totoro arrived on with the kit lenses

Totoro arrived on with the kit lenses

My Neigbor Totoro is a Japanese animated fantasy film from 1988. This movie tells the story of the professor Tatsuo Kusakebe and his two young daughters Satsuki and Mei who move in the country to be closer to her mum who is at the hospital.

The plot of My Neigbor Totoro

One day, Mei discovers two small spirits who lead her into the hollow of a large camphor tree. She befriends a larger spirit, which identifies itself by a series of roars that she interprets as "Totoro". She falls asleep atop Totoro, but when Satsuki finds her, she is on the ground. Despite many attempts, Mei is unable to show her family Totoro's tree. Tatsuo comforts her by telling her that Totoro will reveal himself when he wants to.

Our Totoro kit color lenses offer to you six wonderful kit color lenses Totoro. Each kit have different patterns. Thus, you can enjoy the bear Totoro with an umbrella, with a mask, in different positions with mushrooms or smiling.

totoro kit color lenses

Each kit contains : 

- a lenses case,
- a pince,
- a container for the multifunctional solution (you can fill the holster with saline solution when you remove your color lenses).

As you may know, you have to rinse your color lenses before each use and to put them in a saline solution after each use.