Discover Tutushka_makeup for Halloween with Sclera lenses Thanos !

Hi guys, today I would like to show you this original Halloween makeup 3D from Tutushka_makeup with our Sclera lenses Thanos. If you like this makeup, you can have fun to reproduce it at home. Indeed, Tutushka_Makeup did an amazing tutorial ! We encourage you to watch it below :

At www.lenses-color.com, we really like the mix of the blue and the black in her makeup. 

Discover more Halloween makeup with color lenses on Instagram

You can also follow tutusha_makeup on her Instagram. She has more than 48,9k of subscribers. This is unbelievable, isn't it ? But we understand why when we see her amazing makeups. Her second speciality ? She also likes to create amazing mouths makeup on different theme.

Guess what ? Tutusha_makeup is a makeup art teacher ! 

Sclera lenses are available on www.lenses-color.com

If you like Sclera lenses, you can have a look at our Sclera lenses. All our Sclera lenses have a diameter of 22.00 mm. Their effect is really impressive. Indeed, Sclera lenses cover the entire eyes. People really like to wear them for their makeup, Halloween disguise or Cosplay events.

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