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"Finish hic deo" (God stops here)... Make your prayer!

Immerse yourself in the extended universe of The Conjuring 2, The Enfield Case, and darkly embody the character The Nun, Valak. Put yourself in the shoes of a demon and scare the nuns on your way, and your friends! It will be difficult to ward off the spell. Set aside your holy water, and put on your Nun's outfit!

Complete your Valak costume, the nun, with our crazy lenses.

You want to have a luminescent look? Opt for the fancy UV Yellow lenses or UV White lenses to scare your friends in the dark!

The peculiarity of these color lenses is that they reflect blue light, ideal for a UV party.

Do not hesitate try our fluorescent lenses.

Fall in love with the white color lenses White Out and yellow Out color lenses, and sublimate your eyes with vivid and captivating colors.

Infected color lenses will fill you with their bright yellow circled black to hypnotize the audience!

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Our lenses are recognized all around the world. Crazy lenses are ideal for completing your costumes and magnifying your look to look like your favorite characters.

Of course, our color lenses are stabilized, which do not turn in the eye. Their are very comfortable and have unique colors.

Our color lenses and crazy lenses are without correction. Our color lenses comply with CE and ISO standards, guaranteeing your comfort and pleasure.

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