NYX Face Awards 2020

NYX Face Awards 2020

You have always dreamt to be a part of the NYX Face Awards ?
Grab your chance and be ready for the NYX Face Awards 2020 thanks to our tips and beautiful Color Lenses, Crazy Lenses,ย Sclera Contactsย and Mini Sclera Contacts. We believe in your creativity.

What is the NYX Face Awards ?

NYX Face Awards is a makeup contest created by the brand of cosmetics : NYX. Every year, ten of thousands people participe to this contest. First, participants compete for the title of their country. Secondly, each winner of his/her country confront themselves to win the NYX Face Awards.

What is the goalย of NYX Face Awards 2020 ?

The goal is to make the most original and beautiful makeup filming yourself
and showing before / after.

How sign up to NYX Face Awards 2020 ?

We will give you all the information you need to know as soon as the registration start.

How can I differentiate myself from the other participants ?

First, you definitively have to be original. Make some research to be sure that no one have already done the makeup you want to do.
You can wear our awesome natural color lenses or crazy lenses. Use accessories
to make the difference with the other participants.