Red Contacts

Red Contacts

Red is the color of the blood. Looking for a bloody effect on your eyes ? Wear Splash Blood, Dead Blood, Blast or Blood Shot lenses.

Looking for manga color lenses ? Have a look at Sharingan lenses from Naruto manga like SH-M8, SH-M3, SH-M1 or Umbrella Corporation lenses.

Wanna be an animal ? Red Devil, Red contacts Cat will perfectly suit you.

You want to hypnotize people ? Red contacts Red Psycho or red contacts Red Spiral will be just perfect !

On, we also offer a lot of red Sclera lenses 22 mm like Sclera Mesmero, Sclera 04 or Sclera 010.

Our red crazy lenses are perfect for makeupsCosplay events, disguises, Carnival or Halloween.