About us

The website www.lenses-color.com has been created by the company Auva Vision located in France. www.lenses-color.com sells two different types of color Lenses : fantasy Lenses (vampire contact lenses, Sharingan contact lenses, manga lenses, sclera lenses, mini sclera lenses, doll lenses, circle lenses...) and natural Lenses of all the color (blue, green, gray, brown, yellow, red...).

Thus, you can wear fantasy contact lenses or natural color lenses according to occasions. 

Deliveries are made all around the world : America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Middle East.

Enjoy Auva Vision know-how

Auva Vision is well-known around the world. Auva Vision created two brands of lenses : Obsession Paris and Fashion Lentilles. This company also sells the best brands of lens on www.meslentillesdecouleur.com.

So, enjoy Auva Vision expertise in the sale of color contact lenses.

Our address : 111 Route de Tiragon, 06370 Mouans-Sartoux, France.